The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this Web site as well as all transactions conducted through the site.

  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Notice: We do not warranty any products which a customer claims arrived with a broken corner. This type of damage is caused by misshandling allowing the corner to come into contact with a hard surface. We instpect each unit prior to shipping, package them, and ship in a 1/2" plywood crate lined with 1" maylar coated foam, therefor it is impossible for a corner to get broken or chipped in the shipping container.


    We ship to all 50 States - Must be a physical address - No P.O. boxes etc.

    We ship all our mirrors in 1/2" Plywood Crates

    Mirrors are shipped the following day after we receive the order.

    Questions, contact Steven Lyon - 704-796-9077

  • Warranties
  • All Mirrors have a 5 Year Warranty from date of purchase. This warranty covers the LED's and the

    Power Regulator, Mirror and Back Frame.  Breakage or damage caused by the customer is not under warraanty.

    We do not warranty mirrors or medicine cabinets which the customer claims arrived with a broken corner. We inspect each unit and package them in foam and cardboard, put them in a 1" mylar coated plywood crate. Therefor it is impossible for a corner to get broken during the shipping process.

  • Return Policy
  • We have a simple return policy. If item is returned to us in its origional condition within 30 days we will refund the amount of purchase. Customer pays the return shipping charges. Mirror must be packed into its orgional shipping crate.

    Mirror must be received back into our warehouse undamaged, at this point we will

    refund the purchase price.


    We will, if asked send for a FedEx pick-up for the mirror.

    Any questions, feel free to call 704-796-9077