Mirrors and Marble Help/FAQs

Standard Mirror Installation Instructions

Please read carefully, plus see this video on YouTube demonstrating a standard mirror installation:

PLEASE BE CAREFUL removing the mirror from the box, and handling the mirror when you set it aside to install the frame. The frame is installed first, BEFORE the mirror is hung on the frame.

Use Goof-Off (original, not spray) to remove any residue on the frame, and standard window cleaner to clean the mirror.

  1. Make sure that your electrical connection to the mirror is Romex standard house wiring, 14/2 or 12/2 from a standard light switch. A dimmer switch will not work.
  2. The electrical connection can be anywhere generally in the center of where the mirror frame will be mounted.
  3. Mount the aluminum frame to the wall using the supplied hardware (screws and plastic drywall mounting anchors). Make sure it is level.
  4. Wire the house wiring to the connecting block that is attached to the frame. BLUE TO WHITE. BROWN TO BLACK.
  5. Turn on the switch to check the wiring.
  6. Hang the mirror on the frame, then remove the corner protectors and protective film covering from the front of the mirror.

Flush Mount Medicine Cabinet Installation Instructions

Please read carefully, plus see this video on YouTube demonstrating installation of our flush mounted cabinets:

Our flush mounted cabinets come out of the box as dual-purpose (flush or surface) medicine cabinets. In order to prepare for flush mounting, please do the following:

Opening Preparation

  1. All sizes require a rough opening ? inch smaller than the size of the cabinet in height and width (always measure to make sure).
  2. The hinged side of the cabinet is where the poser input is located. It will be necessary to cut a notch in the 2x4, 6 inches from the bottom left of the rough opening and extent to 9 inches. Notch needs to be large enough to allow the Romex to be connected through the side of the cabinet.
  3. Romex must be 14/2 or 12/2 and connected to a standard light switch.

Cabinet Preparation and Installation

  1. Please make sure to remove the mirror door from the cabinet before mounting, be very careful removing and place on a soft, protected surface! This will make the installation much easier, and prevent possible damage to the mirror.
  2. Please remove the side mirrors using the 3 screws on each side, these will not be used. Also remove the glass shelves to keep them protected.
  3. If you are running the house electric (Romex) inside of the cabinet, remove the aluminum panel that houses the electronics and pull the existing cord into the box. This cord will need to be cut to length for the Romex connection. In addition, you will need to enlarge the hole to 7/8 inch for a Romex clamp (use step drill to enlarge hole).
  4. The Romex would be attached to the cut cord Black to Black, White to White and Green to Ground.
  5. Re-install panel and test lighting. Once cabinet is installed, re-install the cabinet door.