Twin Lighting Option Small Mirrors 24" x 36" or Smaller
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Add twin lighting to any mirror with our new 18 Watt LEDs. Most find that the lighting is very good as-is, but some want a higher output of lighting, especially when the mirror is the main lighting source in the bathroom.

We advise to always have some other lighting in the bathroom to light the room, as the mirrors light the person standing at the vanity. They put out a Heavy Glow so that light is not directed into your eyes. Without other lighting in the room, the background will be dark when looking into the mirror at night.

We install the twin lighting along with a 2nd power regulator. You can pre-wire using 2 wall switches, if you want to control each set of lights. This would require 2 sets of line power from the switches. You can also use this option if you want one set of lights at 6,000 Kelvin and the other set of lights at 3,000 Kelvin.


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Twin Lighting Option Small Mirrors 24" x 36" or Smaller

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