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Side-lighted oval bath mirrors from Mirrors and Marble are the perfect way to add an element of luxury to any bathroom. Whether you’re shopping for a residential or commercial setting, you can’t go wrong with our energy-efficient oval lighted bathroom mirrors. These lovely mirrors allow you to clearly see your reflection in natural sunlight, even in a windowless space. Our oval lighted bathroom mirrors come with a 5-year warranty, and with a 50,000-hour burn life, the LED bulbs are extremely low maintenance. Install one of these side-lighted oval bath mirrors in your high-end makeup studio, salon, spa, or hotel, to continue giving your clients nothing short of the best. For more information, please contact us. We’re always willing and ready to answer any of your questions.  

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MAM42028 MAM42432 MAM43036
MAM42028 Oval Side lighted LED Mirror 20"w x 28"tMAM42432 Oval Side lighted LED Mirror 24"w x 32"tMAM43036 Oval Side lighted LED Mirror 30"w x 36"t

MAM42028 20"w x 28"t Oval Side lighted Mirror

MAM42432 24"w x 32"t Oval Side lighted Mirror

MAM43036 30"w x 36"t Oval Side lighted Mirror







MAM43240 Oval Side lighted LED Mirror 32"w x 40"t

MAM43240 32"w x 40"t Oval Side lighted Mirror