MAM-MC2028 Medicine Cabinet-Lighted Door-Flush Mount-ETL Listed
Click To Enlarge Youtube Installation Video MAM-MC2028 20" Wide x 28" High Series Medicine Cabinet-Lighted Door-Flush Mount-ETL/UL Listed are our new addition to the Mirrors and Marble family of Lighted Mirrors Medicine Cabinets fit flush to the wall with only the door protruding from the wall(1") with bottom and side finger pulls. It is available in (4) Configurations: Left Side Hinge - Right Side Hinge - 6,000 Kelvin - 3,000 Kelvin Kelvin is the Light Color - 6,000 Kelvin is White Light (Most Popular) White Light (Sun Light) Best for Color Rendition. 3,000 Kelvin is more Subdued (slight yellow tone, like a standard filament light bulb) We use the best material for our Cabinets - All anodized Aluminum Housing and Door Frame - LED's are 6 Watts per foot with 40 LED's at over 25+ Lumans per LED. The lights are set at a 90 degree angle to the frosted glass and is bounced out the frosted area to give a Heavy (non-intrusive glow coming out of the frosted area) and have a 50,000 hour burn life (2.74 hrs per day = 1,000 hrs per year) All Cabinets fit Rough Opening 3/4" SMALLER THAN THE CABINET SIZE IN HEIGHT AND WIDTH, and power comes into the Hinged Side. It is meant to be HARD WIRED TO A STANDARD WALL SWITCH. Inside: 3.5" Deep-Bottom shelf is Aluminum- 2nd Shelf Houses power regulator, Light with Switch - Twin Outlet - Duplex USB Charger-3rd and 4th Shelves are Glass and Adjustable. Frame is all Anodized Aluminum-Door Frame is Aluminum-Front Mirror is Lighted 360 Degrees(Reduces Shadows on your face)-Back of Door is all Mirror-Door Opens to 180 Degrees Zero Clearance required for door-Back of Medicine Cabinet is all Mirror - Blum Soft Closing Hinges.

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  • 50,000 Hours LED Life: 5
  • ETL Listed for U.S and Canada: 2
  • Flush Mounted: 1
  • 5 Year Warranty : 3
  • Item #: MAM-MC2028

MAM-MC2028 Medicine Cabinet-Lighted Door-Flush Mount-ETL Listed

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