Side Lighted LED Wall Mounted Make UP Mirror 24" Round MAM2D24
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Welcome to the New World of Personnel Lighting, Our Commercial Grade of LED Back Lighted Mirrors are being used throughout the World in some of the most Prestigious 5 Star Hotels, Spas and Make-Up Studios. They produce the Perfect Light Color (6000 Kelvin) to reflect your Image in Sunlight Conditions. Experience how 360 Degree Lighting at (6000 Kelvin - Sun Light) can Improve your ability to apply Make-Up, Do your Hair Style and Color, Clothing Colors and Coordination of Colors to give Yourself the Perfect Look. They turn Your Bathroom into a Luxurious Spa. See why Women are Raving about Our Mirrors. ALL MIRRORS SHIP IN 1/2" PLYWOOD CRATES. MAM2D24 is a 24 inch Round (Side Lighted LED Mirror) Pictured over a 30" Vanity Approx. 2 inch of mirror around the edges is clear frosted Glass for light penetration 5 YEAR WARRANTY ( O Maintenance ) 50,000 Hours LED Burn Life ( 3 Hours per day use = 45 YEARS of burn life of LED's) The 24" Round is Mounted to a Aluminum back box 1 1/2" deep, Mirror sets on frame for ease of mounting (comes with mounting hardware) Direct Wire (pig tail) connector for electrical wiring) LED's are rated at 6,000 Kelvin (White Light - Sun Light) 360 Lumens Per Foot Light Output (Approx 1,600 Lumens ) Go Green = Cost to burn around 1/2 Cent per Hour 5mm Thickness of Mirror (Very close to 1/4 Inch) Life Time Moisture Proof Backing 110v AC - 240v AC Power Regulator to 12v DC

  • 50,000 Hours LED Life:
  • See Youtube Mirrors and Marble Inc Mirror Installation:
  • Less than 1 Cent per Hr to Operate:
  • 5 Year Warranty :
  • Best Lighting to Apply Make Up:
  • Add Luxury to Any Bathroom:
  • All Commercial Grade Components:
  • Used in 100's of Hotel's:
  • Item #: MAM2D24

Wall Mounted Lighted Vanity Make Up Mirror 24" Round MAM2D24

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